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  1. All prints are numbered (from J1 to J21) and copyright protected limited prints.

  2. Every print will bear an embossed logo of Mala Mukerjee in a corner. If required, the prints can be signed by her on the reverse.

  3. Each print has its own unique quality. There may be slight variations in toning, colorization, image area, etc.

  4. For orders for dispatch within the boundaries of India, payments can be made in Indian Rupees. For all other dispatch destinations, payments shall be accepted in US Dollars or equivalent thereof in any soft currency. (For the Indian rupee exchange rate, Click here)

  5. For those interested in ALL the prints, the complete "Jantar Mantar" collection will be available at a special price. For more information contact us.
    email: puretech@internetindia.co.in
    Fascimile: +91+ 22+ 285 4713 Kind Attention : a Showkase

  6. Shipping will be done via Indian Speed Post. Please allow upto one week for dispatch. Shipping charges are as follows: Within India- US$ 4 and International- US$ 15

  7. There are no shipping charges for orders above US$ 1500.

  8. Inaugural prices (excluding the shipping and handling charges) for any of the prints are as follows:
    A photograph of size A - 12"x15" costs US$ 250 and size B - 20"x30" costs US$ 400


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Total Quantity: Total Cost:
Plus Shipping charges: In India International
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With every print ordered, we will send you an attractive greeting card, useful for any occassion.
Size of the closed card is 4" x 5.5".
The striking image on the card is from
Mala Mukerjee's 'Jantar Mantar' series;
Print J1 or Print J4.

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Please note: A 'Secured Transaction' facility is presently not available with us. It will be introduced as soon as we get clearance from the Reserve Bank of India (The URL is http://www.reservebank.com).

We will accept your ac/payees cheque or a cashier's cheque, drawn in
favor of "PURETECH INTERNET PVT. LTD", payable at Mumbai (Bombay), India.

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    To order via E-mail
    Include all of the information requested above in your e-mail. Be sure to include your shipping address, phone number, credit card number/cashier's cheque details with expiration date. Air mail your cheque, and send the e-mail to puretech@internetindia.co.in

    To order by Fascimile
    Print, fill out and sign the order form, include the credit card number/banker's cheque details. Air mail your cheque, and fax the completed form to:
    +91+ 22 + 285 4713 Kind Attention : a Showkase.

    To order by snail mail
    Print, fill out and sign the order form, include your personal cheque, money order, or credit card information and air mail to:
    'a Showkase'- PureTech Internet Pvt. Ltd., 77, Atlanta, Nariman Point,
    Mumbai 400 021, India.

    Tel: +91+ 22+ 283 3158
    Fax: +91+ 22+ 285 4713
    E-mail: aurotech@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in

  • Print your complete address and phone number on all communication.

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