1. Belt fitting

Gold, inlaid with garnets and a sapphire at the centre.
From Milton-next-Sittingbourne, Kent. Continental Germanic, 5th century.
Length 4.8 cms.
M&LA. 1905. 4-18. 15.


2 & 5. Two disc broches

Gilded silver with filigree-decorated front- plates, inlaid with garnet and blue glass cloisonne-work, niello borders and with now lost inlays of white material, probably shell. From the aristocratic cemetery at Faversham, Kent. Anglo-Saxon, later 6th or early 7th century.

191. Diameter 4.3 cms. M&LA. 1895. 3-20. 4;
192. Diameter 5.7 cms. M&LA. 1884. 12-21.4.


3. Pendant

Gold, with cloisonne garnet, and set with a gold solidus of the Roman emperor, Valentinian II (375-92). The garnet border is in the form of a double-headed serpent. From Forsbrook, Staffordshire. Anglo-Saxon, first half of the 7th century. Diameter 3.6 cms. M&LA. 1879. 7-14.1.


4. Belt buckle

Gold, inlaid with garnets and blue glass and encrusted with filigree wire decoration in the form of a writhing animal. From the princely burial at Taplow, Buckinghamshire. Anglo- Saxon, later 6th century. Length 9.8 cms. M&LA. 1883. 12-14.1. Given by the Rev. Charles Whately.


6. Composite brooch

Gold with silver back-plate and with garnet cloisonne and shell inlay, and filigree decoration. From the Priory Hill cemetery, Dover, Kent. Anglo-Saxon, early 7th century.

Diameter 5.5 cms.
M&LA. 1879. 10-13.1.


7. Pendant

Gold, set with a garnet cameo, carved with a head of a bearded oriental in a Phrygian cap. From Ewell, Epsom, Surrey. The gem is of Late Roman or Byzantine date; the setting, Anglo-Saxon, second half of the 7th century.

Length 3-2 cms.
M&LA. 1970. 3-1.1.


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