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May - June 1998 - Vol. XII  No. 2

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An Anthology

The Literature Department of the British Council annually publishes an anthology of new writings from Britain.The seventh volume of this anthology has just come out. This volume contains works of literary greats such as :

Julian Barnes; Louis De Bernieres; Jonathan Coe; Wendy Cope; Michael Dibdin; Lucy Ellmann; Ian Hamilton/Gregory LeStage; Georgian Hammick; Michael Hoffmann; Ted Hughes; Philip Kerr; Matthew Kneake; Stephen Knight; Penelope Fitzgerald/Hermione Lee; Kathy Lette; Andrea Levvy; Earl Loveless; Lachlan Mackinnon; Patrick Marber; Cathal McCabe; Ian McEwan; Charlotte Mendelson; Karl Miller; Paul Muldoon; Bernard O'Donoghue; Oliver Reynolds; Ben Rice; Kirsty Seymour- Ure; Nicholas Shakespeare; Matthew Singh-Tour; C.K. Stead; Frances Stonor Saunders; Peter Straughan; Adam Thorpe; Martin Turner; Marina Warner; Fay Weldon; Francis Wheen; Stevie White; Susan Wicks.

The book is published by Vintage for Random House and is available through -

Rupa and Co.
Ghaswala Tower
P G Solanki Marg
Tel: 91-22-308 2631

Book Bazaar of Withdrawn Books

on Monday 1 June 1998
from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Venue : BCD Library
All books priced at Rs. 30/- only

The books not purchased will continue to be on sale from Tuesday 2 to Saturday 6 June 1998 in the Library Seminar Room during library working hours.

A Meeting with Readers of Computer Books

on Saturday 20 June 1998
from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue : British Council Library Seminar Room

We at the British Council are committed to providing an information service of the highest quality to our members. With this in view we are seeking feedback on our services from our members who read computer books.

The feedback will centre on the following :
1. Stock : books, periodicals, audio-visual material
2. Library Services
3. General Appearance of the Library
4. Staff : attitudes, efficiency, knowledge

Members interested in attending the session are requested to register their names at the Library Reception Desk.


New Titles on our stands

Class No.AuthorTitle
128.2Dennett, D.C.Kinds of minds : towards an understanding of consciousness
305.23Gittins, DThe child in question
305.5094109049Adonis, A.A class act : the myth of Britain's classless society
332.6322Davis, H.A million a minute : inside the mega-money, high-tech world of traders
338.40218Rothery, B.Standards in the service industry
OSZ 341.371 Consumer law in the global economy : national and international dimensions/edited by Iain Ramsay
362.10941 Perspectives in health care / edited by N.North and Y.Bradshaw
509Laidler, K.J.To light such a candle : chapters in the history of science and technology
523.1Filkin, D.Stephen Hawking's universe
658.401Cook, S.Practical benchmarking : a manager's guide to creating competitive advantage
658.8342Foxall G.Marketing psychology : the paradigm in the wings
909Chaudhuri N.Three horsemen of the new Apocalypse



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