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About 'a Showkase'

An ancient civilization.
Exotic. Spiritual. The land of ahimsa. Om. And shunya.
A name that excites the imagination, and feeds a curiosity that
stands the test of time.

I    N    D   I   A

To browsers worldwide, "a Showkase"
brings a stimulating exhibition of photographs of the
'Jantar Mantar', astronomical observatories of India, the first in a series of gateways to India's artistry and it's images.

'a Showkase' aims to be both an exhibition space and a cybershoppe.
'a Showkase' is commited to maintaining a permanent cyberspace exhibition hall and we encourage our visitors to bookmark the site for our expanding exhibitions, features and more .....

Starting with these works of Mala Mukerjee, internetindia hopes to promote the culture and creativity of this great nation by featuring photographers, painters, sculptors, writers, film makers, manufacturers of traditional handicrafts, etc. and their projects.

The works currently on display were conceived after a visit to the 18th Century observatory in the heart of New Delhi. The mystery of the myriad forms at Jantar Mantar lured Mala to visit Jaipur in Rajasthan, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, and Benaras in Uttar Pradesh, where three other architectural marvels built by the same astronomer King Sawai Jaisingh, still survive.

Mala has been working on this subject since 1990, and continues to do so even today. Part of her entire collection was first shown in a Solo exhibition in London in 1992 and then in Oxford in 1993, followed by Solo shows in Bangalore and Bombay in 1994 and in Madras and Calcutta in 1995. The exhibit will travel to New Delhi later this year.

We hope to bring to you a truly varied and enriching experience.

Do take some time and give us your feedback
Both your bouquets and your brickbats will be of value to us.